Enhance your natural beauty: Redhead

Redheads: Get ready for a burst of beautiful colour!

Your porcelain skin tone and rich hair color mean you can really go to town on warming, rich and firey colors! If there's one thing to remember, it's this: keep exploring new colors and looks and you'll stay looking fresh and alluring!

For your eyes, think coffee, chocolate, caramel, toast and cinnamon. The limitations on redheads' colors is over! Try out pale gold, warm bronze, pinky copper and, yes, even green! And you'll want a brown mascara to warm up your eyes even more.

Cheeks suit apricot, peach and pale terracotta, so why not experiment, changing your blush-shade regularly.

Color your lips with the sunset colors. Try warm pink, blushing copper and ochre-tinted nudes. Get ready to have fun with sensual color combinations!

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