New Season New Moisturisation


New Season New Moisturisation


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The weather is changing and so are beauty rituals. At the heart of beauty, moisturization is currently undergoing a revolution. An essential prelude to a successful makeup look, today's moisturization adapts to the seasons to keep skin healthy and glowing throughout the year. Since this step is on the front line when the mercury drops, it is now more than ever the focus of beauty concerns: Four German women out of five affirm that their facial care needs change with the seasons.

According to the same Mintel report, "A new generation of winter care products provides the skin with additional moisture, explicitly counterbalancing cold, dry weather to target dry and very dry skin. In the future, boosters to help resist cold, humid weather and extreme droughts should also appear." Moisturization booster serums and skin-quenching masks are already making their way into our routines, while makeup products increasingly evolve into care products. The fine skin of the lips is particularly fragile, requiring reinforced moisturization more than any other zone.

Formulated like a primer to soften the lips, blur fine lines and keep color from feathering, Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipstick does it all: It moisturizes and smooths the lips to reveal the beauty of color for a sensational glow. Welcome to the future.

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