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Heidi & Astor


An internationally acclaimed supermodel, business woman, multi-talented television host and producer, actress, designer, celebrity and icon, mother, beauty advisor and... Astor Creative Director since 2010, Heidi Klum is a true Astor woman.


An Astor woman is passionate and knows what she wants. She loves exploring and experiencing everything that life has to offer, because she knows that life is an exciting adventure.


She is a woman grounded in real life. She is true to her roots and true to life… and she also has a great sense of humor!

She cares. She is concerned about the well-being of others and wants to help people.


She is chic. Being chic has nothing to do with how you dress, what makeup you wear or how well you can fold a dinner napkin. Chic is an attitude; it is recognizing that everyone around you is important and should be treated so.


She is an inspiring role model. Whether at home, in the workplace or in her everyday life, she makes those around her want to be and do better.


She is self-confident. Confidence is the twinkle in the eye that makes a face peaceful and radiant: in one word, beautiful.


An Astor woman is all of these things.

Heidi knows exactly what her beauty needs are and is combining experiences of performing make up products with care, comfort and color for long lasting performance.






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