2016 An energetic lipstick colorpalette


2016 An energetic lipstick colorpalette

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Coral, burgundy, hot pink... This winter's star colors remind us once again of the surprising power of makeup: when all else fails, lips and nails save the day with vivid hues. This beautiful phenomenon appears on the runway as bright lips with an ultra glossy finish. With a long-wear formula loaded with multifaceted pigments, Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipstick has everything you need to illuminate your smile: an unprecedented color impact, optimal moisturization and impeccable hold. The foremost hue of this energetic color palette is iconic red, acclaimed by a number of designers, which balances out a touch of mascara for a streamlined look. The more radical Bordeaux and its variations, ranging from violet to maroon, are incomparable ways to create beautiful dramatic effects. Ultra-feminine Indian pink, as bright and cheerful as a girly giggle, also sizzles through the winter gloom. And the truly delightful trend that shows no sign of slowing down, since it is already in sight for springtime, rolls in on a wave of orange, ranging from coral to mango.

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