Shape to picture-perfect beauty


Shape to picture-perfect beauty

Shape to picture-perfect beauty



Bright lipstick that lasts for hours, keeps lips moisturized, and defines their shape to picture-perfect beauty... 


A combination of lip primer and lipstick, Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipstick rolls out of its chic case to provide your lips with everything they need, making it one of this winter's must-have accessories. A formula loaded with ultra rich emollients, available in a range of radiant colors, Perfect Stay Fabulous Lipstick nourishes and smooths the surface of the lips for glowing color. In a single stroke, it coats the lips with a special hybrid formula containing moisture protection ingredients, intense pigments and elements for long-lasting hold.

This delightful new Astor creation, formulated to glide effortlessly onto lips, provides just the right dose of moisturization and long-lasting hold to ensure vibrant color that glows throughout the day without ever feathering. All you have to do now is choose from the selection of fourteen hues available!



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