The perfect tricks for a flawless skin !


The perfect tricks for a flawless skin !

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CONCEALER: THE miracle solution for your imperfections! Yes we are tired and sometimes our skin speaks for us, but we have tricks : we call them concealers, our miracle solution for dark circles and other imperfections! But let’s not choose its shade hastily: for the undereye area, the shade of your concealer should be more one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

PRIMER: or how to perfectly get a flawless skin… for long! Usually, using a primer is not the first thing you think of when it comes to your make-up routine. That’s because you’ve never used one before! Here are a few tips to help you out: first choose a primer which addresses your skin concerns, should that be oily t-zones, blemishes, pigmentation or dryness for instance. 

FOUNDATION: the “must have” product in your make-up case! For a natural and brightened face look, selecting your foundation according to your skin type is primordial! If you have a combination or oily skin, prefer an anti-shine or non-transfer foundation. Normal to dry skin will more likely go for a natural, hydrating foundation. With regards to aging skin, a light coverage liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer with skincare benefits would be the most appropriate solution.

Just be aware that a radiant skin cannot only result from the make-up you use. A healthy lifestyle is indeed the first thing to have to get a glowing look: a healthy diet, lots of water, enough sleep and exercise are necessary but some other habits like hydrating a lot or exfoliating your face may help you get your dream skin!

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